Logistic regression (Lucid Explanation)

Let’s understand the logistic regression without any elaboration and in a short manner, that won’t waste your time rather than it will deliver you just the needed information. So don’t even have a cup of coffee with you, before sipping the coffee you’ll grasp logistic regression.

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Logistic regression is the foundational algorithm essential for moving forward in streams like machine learning, deep learning, data science, etc. It’s a simple model, but a bit confusing, if you know the linear regression model.

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Note: Before you go through this article, I hope that you at least know the basic working of Linear Regression. If not I recommend you to please go through this article once. I bet you’ll get all of it. All the best.

Logistic regression( maximum entropy model or logit regression model), a statistical model also implemented in machine learning as a logistic regression model, supervised Machine Learning algorithm used for………read more here. It's not only my hope but a belief that you’ll enjoy it. Thanks.

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